Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools, TerminalTech’s online reporting tool, gives you access to critical information so you can manage virtually every aspect of your business without getting buried in a sea of paper. There’s no need to download any software. Just log in and go.

You can quickly pull transactional information, online statements, fraud controls, and chargeback and retrieval information with a few simple clicks of the mouse anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can do it in a simple, safe, and secure environment.

With, you can:

  • View, evaluate, and print statements
  • Navigate monthly and daily transactions, right down to the details of a single sale
  • Review chargeback and retrieval requests
  • Export Excel, CSV, or PDF file formats for reconciliation and accounting purposes
  • Run daily, monthly, and date range transaction reports



Simplify transaction and batch lookup by quickly navigating through daily or monthly credit card transactions and batches or get a more complete picture by generating full detailed summary report models, trend analysis graphs and charts.


Chargeback and retrieval requests can be a challenge, so why not make them simple? reduces the time required to manage chargeback requests. You can review chargeback and retrieval reports, summary activity, transaction details, reason codes, and definitions so when chargeback situations arise, you can validate and resolve any request quickly.


Deposits are one of the most important items you track. lets you view all deposits on a daily, monthly, or on a date range basis. You can also generate a detailed summary report so you can quickly balance deposit information against a batch.


If you accept electronic payments, you know all about monthly processing statements. We give you immediate access to view, evaluate, and print online statements at a click of a button. Need to go back in time? Our reporting tool allows you to review statements as far back as 24 months.