VivoPay 4500


DescriptionThe flexible ViVOpay 4500 Contactless POS Terminal features ARM processor-based hardware with large application memory to support multiple branded EMV and magnetic stripe contactless applications in addition to retailer loyalty, prepaid and NFC mobile phone payment programs. The ViVOpay 4500 has built-in remote download for seamless firmware and application update in the field and its flexible design allows it to be installed in almost any surface: countertop, mounted to windows, POS systems or cash registers and more.

The ViVOpay 4500 Contactless Payment Device provides additional processing power for advanced contactless applications. The ViVOpay 4500 supports EMV-Based OneSmart® MasterCard PayPass™ and Visa Wave as well as MSD-based MasterCard® PayPass™, ExpressPay from American ExpressSM, Visa® contactless and Discover®.  Large memory, processing power and remote downloads assure merchants that the investment of today will support the developments in contactless payment of the future.

The ViVOpay 4500 Contactless POS Terminal adapts easily to a wide variety of existing Point of Sale (POS) terminals and Electronic Cash Register (ECR) systems providing complete integration with the merchant system and Check-out lane. With the ViVOpay 4500 merchants with digital signature pads and customer or clerk-facing POS or ECRs systems will be able to start accepting contactless cards and key fobs; generating 20% larger ticket value and a 20% shift from cash and checks.

The Vivotech ViVOpay 4500 Contactless Payment Device enables most POS and ECR systems with contactless payments with full visual integration with existing POS and store layout.

The ViVOpay 4500 accepts payments in a wide variety of form factors or technologies such as key fobs, smart mobile phones, infrared devices or RF enabled payment cards. In addition, the ViVOpay 4500 has incorporated the benefits of both RFID and Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies providing the market with industry’s most versatile contactless system on the market today.