Equinox T4220SC


Equinox T4220SC

Manufacturer: Equinox
DescriptionEquinox T4220 Credit Card Terminal
(formerly known as Hypercom)

The Equinox T4220 countertop terminal is the most capable Internet and dialup terminal in the industry. The T4220 provides IP performance and security second to none. The IP diagnostics application (found only on the T4220) provides more than your average IP monitor, checking failure at four separate points; cable, in-store gateway, ISP and processing host. It then tells the user where the error occurred and how to fix it. This multi-application terminal offers value-added services including check and gift card processing capability.

The T4220 can also process multiple merchant accounts, making it ideal for doctor’s offices and beauty salons.

Equinox T4220 Features:

  •    Process transactions through IP (Internet) or dialup connection
  •     24MB standard memory
  •     Supports multiple applications and multiple merchants
  •     Internal PINpad is PCI-, PED-approved
  •     Eliminates paper jams with revolutionary SureLoad printer
  •     Operates quickly and quietly
  •     Supports value-added services such as check and gift card processing
  •     Supports check imagers, PINpads and contactless readers