Equinox T4205


Equinox T4205

Manufacturer: Equinox
Description(formerly known as Hypercom)
This terminal is designed for merchants who need a compact countertop point-of-sale terminal that accepts all magnetic stripe cards and delivers fast transactions. The T4205 is a multi-application terminal that supports value-added services, such as check and gift card processing. It’s also capable of processing multiple merchants accounts, making it ideal for the service industry, including government offices and healthcare providers. The T4205 is a low-cost processing solution with robust features and functionality.EquinoxT4205 Features:

  • 24MB standard memory
  • Supports multiple applications and multiple merchants
  • Internal PINpad is PCI-, PED-approved
  • Eliminates paper jams with the revolutionary SureLoad printer
  • Operates quickly and quietly
  • Supports value-added services, such as check and gift card processing
  • Supports check imagers, PINpads and contactless readers
  • Magnetic swipe reader and EMV chip compatibility*
  • Slim, easy-to-fit design
  • Large, ADA-compliant PIN pad keys
  • Easy-to-read green LED backlit display
  • Port for external PIN pad connection
  • Water-splash resistant

T4205 from Equinox offers optimal performance for smaller merchants.

Your business may be small, but you have the same payment processing needs as larger businesses. You need equipment that combines robust and reliable features with top-level speed and state-of-the-art data safety. And you need it all in a package that works within your available space — and your budget.

The T4205 countertop terminal offers industry-leading payment processing capabilities in a compact package, with built-in software scalability and features that can be changed to meet your business needs.

T4205 Benefits for Merchants

  • Dial-up connectivity via V.34 modem — fast data transfers and downloads
  • PCI-compliant, industry-leading security technology — minimizes risk of data breach
  • Higher-than-standard 24MB memory — easily handles regulatory requirements for software upgrades
  • 32-bit processor speed — 4 times faster than competitive devices

An optimum choice for your business.  The T4205 countertop terminal offers cost- efficiency, flexibility and convenience to fit the payment processing needs of smaller businesses like yours. Take the next step toward potential higher profits — put the T4205 to work in your business today