Equinox PV1310


Equinox PV1310

Manufacturer: Equinox

DescriptionGet Your PCI PED Security, Compatibility and Convenience Right Here.

How do you keep your checkout lines moving quickly, add high-security PIN-based payment capability and ensure vendor-neutral compatibility at the same time? The Equinox PV1310 delivers the goods – cost-effectively.  Here’s the PCI-approved PIN entry device that meets the latest PCI PED security standards, giving you the low-cost migration path to newly imposed security guidelines you’re looking for. It’s easy to integrate with leading ECR systems and Hypercom’s SmartPayment Client software running on ECR and PC systems, too.

On top of that, it gives you full compatibility with competitive systems like the Verifone PP1000 and PP1000SE PIN pads in DUKPT mode, when connected to Verifone Omni, Tranz and Nurit terminals.

Your customers can see and use the alphanumeric keys and the large, colored CANCEL, CLEAR and ENTER keys quickly, to boost transaction times. Plus a fit that’s comfortably convenient.

You get the value-based solution of implementing the newest PCI PED security features throughout your operations with all the “trusted transactions” benefits built in. Get your hands on the PV1310 – just one of the PCI PED-approved products from Equinox.

  • Universal for VERIFONE and NURIT only (not for use with Hypercom Credit Card Terminals).Low-cost PCI PED approved PIN entry device
  • Triple DES-certified for DUKPT
  • 2×16 alphanumeric LCD display
  • Screen-addressable function keys provide more control for users
  • Multiple communication options for connecting to existing POS equipment
  • Plug-and-play software for use with current Hypercom terminals
  • Compatible with Equinox Key Loading and Management (HKLM) system
  • Small, ergonomic design fits comfortably in customers’ hands


    • Elastomeric: 16 keys, water
    • splash-resistant, hard keycaps
    • 2 x 16 characters
    • RS-232 (standard)
    • USB client (optional)
    • 5v @ 240mA – 12v @ 100mA(standard)
    • Physical: PCI PED-approved;
    • intrusion detection
    • DES: PIN-ANSI X9.8,MAC-ANSI X9.9
    • Triple DES: ANSI X9.52
    • Key management: DUKPT,
    • ANSI X9.24 Part 1
    • 3.31 in x 6.02 in x 1.30 in/84.0 cm x 153.0 cm x 33.0 cm
    • 0.40 lbs/0.18 kg
    • Temperature: 0-45°C/32-115°F
    • Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
    • ESD: 12,000 volts
    • 100,000 hours (MTBF calculated)