Equinox M4230-SC


Equinox M4230-SC

Manufacturer: Equinox

DescriptionEquinox M4230 is one of the most capable wireless terminal in the credit card processing and merchant services industry today. Along with its ability to process credit card transactions rapidly, Equinox Payments offers a wide-array of payment terminals that serve as content delivery platforms in both customer-activated and merchant-activated settings. Equinox M4230 is a unique mobile credit card processing terminal that offers GPRS connectivity in a compact design and is also PCI PED approved.

You must purchase encryption for this item. Consult TerminalTech to find out which encryption type you will need.

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The M4230 from Equinox Payments is a next-generation payment system designed to make wireless easy and affordable by offering merchants the freedom of complete mobility and the peace of mind that comes with Equinox Secure Architecture which meets the most stringent industry standards for wireless security. In addition, the M4230 includes 24MB of total memory, a powerful ARM9 processor for fast transactions and the ability to support multiple applications.

This ergonomic and compact payment system comes standard with integrated PCI PTS-approved PIN entry capability and a removable, extra long-life rechargeable battery. The battery can be recharged by connecting the charger directly into the terminal or through an optional dock that also provides the convenience of an integrated V.34 modem for fast, reliable dial back-up.