Dejavoo M8


Dejavoo M8

Manufacturer: Dejavoo

DescriptionDejavoo Systems was created by the original founder of Limpan USA who created the popular Nurit 3010 and Nurit 8000 wireless terminals. The M8 operates on the GPRS wireless network, and also supports dial and Ethernet connections. A WiFi connection can be added using the optional WiFi adapter, creating a battery powered WiFi or GPRS wireless terminal. This is one of our newest terminals, and is one of the more exciting and advanced terminals to hit the market. Based on the history of the original Lipman company, we full believe that Dejavoo will become one of the best brands available.

Since this terminal and brand is new, please check with your current processors before ordering. This terminal is not yet compatible with all processors. If you would like to use the M8 and need a processor, we do support this terminal and can provide merchant services to your business. Contact us today for more information.