Pin Transaction Security

Pin Transaction Security

The PIN Transaction Security Program is an evaluation program designed to ensure that all PIN Entry Devices (PEDs) meet the same minimum-security requirements. The PCI Security Standards Council is responsible for the administration of the evaluation program, as well as managing the approval process of all PEDs for compliance with the PIN Transaction Security (PTS) requirements.

A list of Council-approved PEDs is available at the PCI Security Standard Council (PCI SSC).

All PEDs used for acceptance of PIN debit transactions must be validated as compliant with PIN Transaction Security (PTS) requirements. Not sure how to ensure your device is validated? We can help.

Merchants should take the following steps to ensure their PED is PTS compliant:

  • Review lists of approved PEDs to help ensure your device (including the hardware, firmware, and application version) is compliant.
  • Keep a screen print of the listing of the PED device from the PCI SSC website with the PED purchase order.
  • When possible, purchase PEDs that have been validated against the latest version of the PTS Standard.
  • Visit Visa® PIN Security and Key Management Program for more details.