Merchant Support

Merchant Support

Merchant Services

Our merchant support services help you quickly set up new accounts, update existing accounts, and troubleshoot service issues.



TerminalTech’s electronic statements, or e-Statements, give you the ability to view and download your monthly statements online.



Reporting Tools

Access critical information online so you can manage virtually every aspect of your business without getting buried in a sea of paper.


Security & Compliance

Browse risk management and fraud prevention resources, FACTA information, branding requirements, and card brand operating regulations.  More…



Merchant Customer Services and Technical Support

We’re here to help troubleshoot service issues and provide equipment support.  More…


Merchants that process, store, or transmit cardholder data must comply with certain industry regulations to ensure they maintain a secure environment. More…

IRS Requirements

Learn more about the reporting requirement known as Internal Revenue Code Section 6050W.