Check Processing Services

Check Processing Services

TerminalTech check processing services transforms check acceptance into risk-free electronic payments using the latest technology. Our check processing services provide a revolutionary approach to check acceptance that offers convenience for customers preferring to pay by check, while also provide merchants with security and peace of mind of a guaranteed payment.

Our programs use the information on the customer’s check to create an electronic payment at the POS. Here is how it works:

  • You scan the check
  • We verify and authorize the transaction
  • The POS terminal is settled and funds are electronically deposited into your bank account

The funds may be guaranteed

We offer a variety of check processing services. If you are unsure of the best way to accept checks for your business, we can help you sort through your options.


TerminalTech Check 21 Plus is a comprehensive check processing solution that allows businesses to electronically process personal and business checks. TerminalTech Check 21 Plus supports checks that are accepted at the POS, as well as transactions (such as mail-in, drop off, or a lockbox) when the customer is not present.

TerminalTech Check 21 Plus covers the full spectrum of check processing solutions:

TerminalTech Check 21 Plus supports both guaranteed and non-guaranteed funding, and is tailored to retail customers where face-to-face transactions are common.

TerminalTech Check 21 Plus Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) supports businesses that receive check payments when customers are not present. It replaces ARC lockbox and back office conversion (BOC), and can be set up as guaranteed or non-guaranteed funding.

Benefits of TerminalTech Check 21 Plus include:

  • You can accept all types of checks, including personal, business and corporate, equity line checks, government Section 8 rent checks, money orders, and travelers checks.
  • With the ability to accept every type of check, you may increase sales.
  • Receive funds faster, generally within two business days.

The program is ideal for BOC/ARC and POS environments.



We know personal checks might make up a large part of your check transactions. That is why we offer a range of check processing services for personal checks. These include:

Check Conversion with Guarantee is an electronic conversion service with guaranteed funding for accepting personal checks in a face-to-face sale. You simply swipe the check—turning it into an electronic transaction, similar to a credit card—and hand the check back to your customer.

Quick Service Program (QSP) is customized for specific business types where the average check payment is $25 or less.

Check Conversion with Verification is a convenient conversion service for businesses accepting personal checks that historically do not receive many bad checks, but still want the benefits of electronic conversion.

Used in face-to-face transactions, with this program, you swipe the check and hand it back to your customer, eliminating the need to manually deposit the check into your bank account. Funds are not guaranteed, but authorization does verify that the customer who wrote the check does not have a history of check fraud.

Checks-by-Phone is a convenient program for accepting personal checks via telephone. You simply use a virtual POS terminal to input each transaction. Guaranteed and non-guaranteed funding options are available depending upon your needs.