American Express One Point

American Express One Point

Card members regard American Express as an exclusive club. They’re fiercely loyal and tend to spend more than other cardholders.

American Express One Point makes it easier than ever before for merchants to accept American Express. Using American Express One Point, merchants can

consolidate the acceptance, settlement, funding, and dispute management for all their card brands with TerminalTech.

Merchants gain all the benefits of accepting American Express—including attracting higher spending and loyal customers and a fixed, transparent rate

structure—while creating operational efficiencies at the same time.

With American Express One Point you can reduce the time you spend reconciling payments and simplify card processing. Benefits of the program include:

  • Faster settlements
  • One ACH for all cards
  • One statement for all card brands
  • Single source for customer service
  • One dispute center
  • More payment choices for consumers
  • No cost of entry into the program